The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

St. Mary & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
St. Mary & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church

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Name Date Link
Divine Liturgy 07/15/2018
Divine Liturgy Fr. Meena and Fr. Ermia 07/08/2018
Divine Liturgy 06/30/2018
Choir 50 Summer 2018 06/24/2018
Divine Liturgy 06/24/2018
Divine Liturgy with Fr. Kyrillos, Fr. Meena, and Fr. Ermia 06/17/2018
Alive Room A1-5 06/17/2018
Alive Room B1-5 and PLay 06/16/2018
Divine Liturgy 06/10/2018
Divine Liturgy 06/03/2018
Graduation Ceremony 06/02/2018
Fr. Ermia sermon 05/32/2018
Divine Liturgy 05/26/2018
Divine Liturgy (Fr. Ermia 1st Liturgy) 05/26/2018
Reception of Fr. Ermia 05/25/2018
Divine Liturgy 05/20/2018
Wedding 05/19/2018
Is envy real or myth? By Fr. Kyrillos Makar 05/18/2018
Leah Halley and Michael Ghobrial Wedding aN/aN/NaN
Divine Liturgy 05/13/2018
Divine Liturgy (with Metropolitan Antonios of Jerusalem) 05/08/2018
Divine Liturgy 05/06/2018
Caroline and Mina Wedding 05/05/2018
Divine Liturgy 04/29/2018
Wedding 04/28/2018
Divine Liturgy 04/22/2018
Young Choir 04/15/2018
Divine Liturgy with HG Bishop Youssef (Ordination of Deacon George Bishara as priest) 04/15/2018
Vespers and Bible Study (with HG Bishop Youssef) 04/14/2018
Olivia Metry and Dany Asad Wedding 04/14/2018
Ordination of Priest Candidate George Bishara as full Deacon 04/13/2018
Arabic Choir 04/08/2018
Matins and the Divine Liturgy 04/07/2018
Good Friday 04/06/2018
Evening Pascha Prayers (Thurday) 04/05/2018
Covenant Thursday - Lakkani - Liturgy 04/05/2018
Eve of Thursday prayers 04/04/2018
Wednesday Morning Pascha (6th, 9th and 11th Prayers) 04/04/2018
Eve of Wednesday prayers. 04/03/2018
Palm Sunday 03/32/2018
Divine Liturgy 03/25/2018
Divine Liturgy 03/18/2018
Mr. Fakhry Niroze Antonios 03/14/2018
Divine Liturgy 03/11/2018
Divine Liturgy 03/04/2018
Divine Liturgy Part 2 aN/aN/NaN
Divine Liturgy 02/25/2018
Divine Liturgy 02/18/2018
Divine Liturgy 02/11/2018
Christine Boules and Robert Romero Wedding 02/10/2018
Divine Liturgy Fr. Kyrillos Makar 02/04/2018
David Zakher and Eriny Boules Wedding 02/03/2018
Divine Liturgy 01/28/2018
Divine Liturgy (Wedding at Cana of Galilee) 01/21/2018
FEAST of Theophany Liturgy 01/18/2018
Divine Liturgy 01/14/2018